Join Our Team
We are always seeking capable professionals to join our extraordinary team.  There are opportunities for executive coaches, consultants, trainers and workshop facilitators. Given the nature of our work, we only accept applicants who have a high degree of alignment with our company values and vision!

In order to be a member of our team, you must:

  • Be experienced and comfortable working with leaders.
  • Deliver the highest possible results and quality of service to clients.
  • Operate with unswerving ethics.
  • Graciously give and receive honest feedback.
  • Have a clear vision and values for yourself.
  • Have a calling for what you do, not just a profession.
  • Work continuously at increasing your self-awareness and skills.

If this describes you, and you are seeking like-minded professionals to partner with, then contact us so we can explore together whether you belong on our team.

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