Transcendent Solutions® is committed to helping our clients achieve extraordinary success.   We help leaders in business, government, medicine, and the military to raise the performance of their organizations to the highest possible level.  We work with leaders because no change effort can succeed without the commitment of the organization’s leaders.

Our consultants and coaches are deeply committed to helping you discover and implement a compelling vision: a vision that will enliven you, animate your workforce, and produce long-term, extraordinary success.

Tim Kelley, Founder and Principal Consultant
Tim Kelley has worked for over ten years as a consultant, executive coach and corporate trainer, offering team building to organizations and leadership training to executives.  He has guided many individuals and teams to finding their vision, and trained dozens of trainers and coaches.  Before beginning his career as a consultant, he was a development director at Oracle Corporation, where he worked for eight years.  His clients include Hewlett Packard, American Airlines, Deloitte & Touche, Charles Schwab, Bayer, and numerous smaller companies and startups.  Tim is certified by Helen Palmer to teach the Enneagram, and is also a trained Voice Dialogue facilitator.

Additionally, Tim is Commanding Officer of a 120-person submarine repair unit in the Naval Reserve.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in theoretical mathematics from MIT.  Tim lives in Berkeley, California with his wife Heather and son Ronan.

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