Research has shown that companies achieve extraordinary, long-term results when they are motivated by a single compelling purpose. Although many companies have gone through the exercise of creating a purpose, few achieve the sustained success that a purpose can provide. Many company purposes become nice words on a plaque and in the employee manual. Usually this is the fault of the methodology, not the leaders: most consulting processes fail to guide the organization through fully adopting and implementing a new purpose.

At Transcendent Solutions, we provide proven methods for creating and maintaining the long-term processes which support leaders in keeping themselves, their employees, and their organization aligned with a single vision. In so doing, we offer greater success and fulfillment for all parties involved in the organization.  Here are more details on our methods and how they can work for you:

Organizational Purpose
Our signature service is geared toward discovering, clarifying, and implementing a higher purpose that will carry your organization forward. The process begins with identifying the individual purposes of the key leaders and then expanding the initiative to impact the rest of the organization. This is a process of discovery; just "coming up" with a purpose produces words with which everyone can agree, but rarely something to which people will rally. Our methods consistently produce a purpose that is inspiring and motivating to all stakeholders, including employees, investors and customers.

Purposeful MarketingSM and Sales
One of the greatest benefits of having a compelling higher purpose is its ability to motivate external stakeholders, like prospective customers, investors and donors. A purpose that works internally may or may not be effective externally, though. The Purposeful Marketing process helps the organization adapt the purpose and other key purpose-related content for use in external messaging. If the world knows about the good works your company does, the world will want you to succeed.

This effect can also extend into the sales process, using the power of your purpose to change the nature of the transactions between your organization and your customers. Rather than trying to convince someone to buy your products and services, you are inviting them to participate in your organization's mission. Your customers become your community and your allies in creating a better world.

In addition to using these techniques to enhance your marketing and sales, we will teach them to your personnel, making you self-sufficient.

Executive Coaching
In order for an organization to change, its leaders must change. This does not necessarily mean different leaders! Rather, the leaders must be committed to changing how they do business, in support of the changing organization. Leaders rarely get clear and honest information from their subordinates about how they are helping or hurting their organization. Executive coaching is an excellent way for a leader to improve his or her skills through objective feedback and experienced advice. Many leaders find it very helpful to have a confidential "sounding board" who is not materially involved in their business.

Your Transcendent Solutions executive coach is that "sounding board," applying the same outside perspective that is so valuable during the strategic alignment process. We can help you see and avoid obstacles, stay on track with your vision, and provide you with the feedback you need to negotiate the transitions of your change effort.

Collaborative Team Building
Many leaders spend the majority of their time tracking, motivating, and checking up on their subordinates. Often they must make decisions that could be made at lower levels, and resolve squabbles between groups. Shifting from a hierarchical, power-driven leadership style to a collaborative, team-driven one can alleviate these time-consuming activities, freeing leaders up for more strategic pursuits.  This is not simply touting collaboration as a value; it is an entirely new paradigm in which teams set standards, resolve their own disputes, and actively pursue results. Many consulting companies talk about increasing collaboration in their clients’ organizations, but very few have the complete methodology for achieving it.

Transcendent Solutions’ proven techniques and experience form the basis of our comprehensive methodology. We see you and your organization from "top to bottom," and will execute a fully-formed plan to take you from whatever level of collaboration your organization currently demonstrates to a dramatically more efficient, results-driven team that gets the most from its collective efforts.

Finally, we will help you create customized training to give your team the skills it needs to deliver on your purpose. Training can be an effective way of implementing new values and practices throughout your organization. New styles of interacting and functioning require new skills. Employees need alternatives to the same old way of doing things.

Our training is designed both to implement your change effort throughout your organization as well as give you an opportunity to lead your team in a new way. This means that you can practice your own personal change in approach while your employees and co-workers receive the information they need to do the same. Your Transcendent Solutions trainer will be on hand — delivering feedback, helping to shape the training you are conducting, and making certain that you and all members of your team are amply supported in your growth process.


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